Hello all,

Benvenuti! Or “Welcome” in Italian. You’ve stumbled upon this blog because perhaps, like me, you find food more than just nourishment, but a reason to live. A way of life. A creative outlet for your expression.

I was brought up in a family surrounded by amazing cooks and professional eaters and raised under the theory that food brings people together. Needless to say, I was bound to grow up into a young woman who finds her greatest joy in creating her own dishes.

Now as I embark on my career as an attorney, I am committed to keeping this part of myself very much thriving. A long, exhausting day of work can be remedied with a delicious meal. I’m convinced it has healing properties, to be quite honest with you.

A lot of people shy away from cooking, or from cooking certain types of meals for fear it will take too long, or be too hard. I am here to debunk that myth for you. No, this isn’t another “30 Minute Meals” blog (no copyright intended, all rights are to Food Network, Rachel Ray, and any other interested parties.)* Rather, this is a blog where I let my imagination guide my creations. I find challenges, and I conquer them (and sometimes fail at conquering them) in the quest for feeding myself and those I love with delicious food that warms our hearts and fills our bellies.

So thank you for coming here today, and I hope you enjoy this journey. Perhaps this blog will never be read, perhaps it will be read by many. At the end of the day, I hope it at least can serve as a time capsule that I can share with those I love later on in life so that they can be inspired to create, and share these recipes with their loved ones as well.

Eat with all of your heart,


*I promise that’s the last bit of legal jargon you will see on my blog.


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