Birthday Paella, here I come

Today’s photo is to celebrate the finalization of my birthday plans. I will be taking a cooking course in Spain! That means I will finally be able to learn how to make a proper paella.

And don’t you worry, I will be sure to share what I learn with you all upon my return.

Live every year as though it’s the most special yet. So many people focus on only the milestone birthdays or get sad when they turn a year older. Remember, you’re one year wiser, you’ve had one more year to meet amazing people, and one more year of cooking fabulous dishes!

Eat with all of your heart (I know I will!),



5 thoughts on “Birthday Paella, here I come

      • You know I’ve had paellas, churros, creme catalana and pumpkin and chive purée empanadas. I love them all! churros is really unhealthy, but so good! Funny thing, they were all at the same Spanish restaurant, but thankfully not all in one sitting!! lol unfortunately that Spanish restaurant has now changed to a very unauthentic Mexican restaurant! :(… But generally the flavours of Spanish and South American dishes always appeal to me 😀 what’s your favorite South American dish?

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