Bistro Sliders




Hamburgers for many foreigners are a symbol of American cuisine. What once was a basic beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese offering has morphed into a modern day art. Burger speciality restaurants have opened all across the nation, and chefs and restaurant goers alike are becoming more adventurous in their burger tastes. These “risk takers” range from lamb burgers to topping your patty with a fried 4

Burgers are a great way to cover all of your food group basics in one meal, and allow you to truly be creative in your execution of the recipe. Plus with the fourth of July coming up, this recipe is a great one to try and share with your red, white, and blue clad guests.  I will be sharing some of my various burger hybrids on the blog but to start, I present to you the Bistro Slider. The mixture of flavors on this recipe was mindblowingly delicious. Savory, tangy, and down right delicious.

Bistro Sliders

By Pleadings and Pasta 2013



1/2 cup of sliced crimini mushrooms

Low fat feta cheese

Dijon Mustard or Trader Joe’s Garlic Aioli (a favorite!)

Lettuce of choice (leaf lettuce or spinach works)

Slider buns

1lb Lean ground beef

Salt, pepper, and olive oil


`1. Take the ground beef and mix a few drizzles of olive oil, and salt and pepper together. (I’ve gone back and forth on the use of eggs to bind burgers and for this particular recipe, I go without it and they turn out delicious!)

2. Heat a skillet on the stove top to medium heat and form the patties to fit in the cup of your palm. You want them to be small enough to fit on your slider buns

3. Cook thoroughly (about 4 minutes each side until inside cooked to your preference) and remove from heat.

4. Meanwhile toast the slider buns (Can be done on the stovetop by buttering and heating over warm heat, or in the oven, or a toaster. It’s up to you!)

5. Create the mushroom topping. Sautee the crimini mushrooms in a little olive oil until cooked through (approximately 6-8 minute). If you are feeling daring add a dash of soy sauce or terriyaki sauce for flavor.

6. Spread dijon mustard on the buns. Then lay lettuce, patty, mushrooms, feta, and bun in that order.

7. Serve with sweet potato fries or a fresh salad and enjoy!

I kid you not, I sat in my kitchen making “yum” noises the entire time I ate these burgers. The combination of flavors is that good.

What’s your favorite burger combination? Better yet, how daring have you been in your search for the perfect burger toppings?

Eat with all of your heart,