The Mantra

Cook with all of your imagination, eat with all of your heart.

These are the words that I live by.

First, is imagination. Cooking is one of the most pure ways you can express your creativity. I hope that by sharing my creative exploration, that I can inspire within you all a desire to find your own form of expression through cooking. Go ahead, I dare you. Strive to cook outside of your comfort zone, customize the dishes you create with your own flair, and most importantly dream big when it comes to your dining experience.

Second, is heart. Eating isn’t only a way to sustain ourselves, but how we connect with one another and with ourselves. We catch up with old friends and family other over meals. We find comfort in our favorite dishes from childhood. We get completely lost in that flourless chocolate torte. It’s more than just a mechanical response, it’s an experience of the soul. Don’t just cook so you have something to eat. Cook something you can’t wait to eat, and then eat it with all of your being. Indulge, savor, enjoy.

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